Soul Symphony: The Album

Soul Symphony: An album by Piano Scientist, encapsulating the characters, themes, moments, and ideas of the story into 13 tracks.


Soul Symphony Dub 1: Distraction

Olivia – Kira Buckland (FB pageTumblrYoutubeWebsite)

Carl – Austin Matthews (FB pageYoutubeWebsite)

Video/Audio Editing – Brittany Lauda (FB pageYoutubeWebsite)

Art and Writing – Kyle Labriola [me]

Fan Art

by Mary Cagle

New! Adorable Olivia and Carl by Mary Cagle

Prom dress Ashley by Kim Marsing

Soul Symphony Prom comic by Kim Marsing

Olivia and John by Taylor

Delving into Soul Worlds by my friend Juli

Vs. The Walrulephant by my friend Mike

Grumpy Olivia by Kim, creator of Out of Key!

Classy Scarf Olivia by my friend Juli!

Soul Aura Olivia by the lovely Maryam!

Battle-ready Olivia and her sidekick by the super awesome guy and fellow webcomic dude David Ko

Carljungian slips by the ultimate judge and sequential art critic Jef.

Olivia Myers, Carljungan, and John Deribell by my good friend and partner in crime Mike. (plus, silly bonus!)

A couple of bickering buddies by the very talented, very helpful Kinuchio.

Olivia vs. Cole, pitting my brain-child against an original character of my old friend Gen.

Ashley the drummer girl by Jess, fellow webcomic creator of Dax Comics.

Gnarlequin: Outside the Box mock album cover by Paul Corn and Landon Franklin, creators of Zokusho.

Our trio of heroes by my longtime acquaintance, cool artist, and really generous dude, PhantomGrey.