It ain’t for everyone. It’s cool, man.

Spring break for my school starts now! Unfortunately, I will not have a chance to work on the next page while I’m away. That means the next page will be up on Monday, March 30th. I’ll try to upload some doodles and such over the week on Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook.

Also, the character poll has concluded! Sorta! I don’t think there’s any way to “close” a Straw Poll from that site, so I guess we could keep voting on favorite character forever. But as of midnight on March 19th, our simple and honest, blonde-haired knight John wins (by ONE vote)! Here are the results:

1. John 24 votes (29%)
2. Olivia 23 votes (28%)
3. Ashley 9 votes (11%)
4. Carl 9 votes (11%)
5. Mr. Dalton 7 votes (9%)
6. Charlie 4 votes (5%)
7. Eric 4 votes (5%)
8. Other (Let me know who!) 2 votes (2%)

John and Charlie started off strong in the early game, then Olivia boosted up to catch up. Charlie fell by the wayside while the latest 2 pages piled in the votes for Ashley and Mr. Dalton. Olivia and John stayed neck-and-neck, while our poor nerdy baby Eric stayed in his room and played video games.

Thank you for voting! Also if you haven’t voted yet….I guess you still can! Forever!