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10/17/2013 EDIT: If you are using a device that cannot display this page, just scroll down to the bottom of the comments section for a summary to get completely caught up on what happens! Don’t worry about missing out on anything, it’s not a huge deal. If you read the summary, you’ll be completely ready to continue to the next page!

Carl finds our outgoing friend, Olivia experiences something strange from Eric’s last cave painting, and our heroes are reunited in a clash with a new beast.

And so Soul Symphony is 1 year, and 100 pages, old. It’s been an amazing and interesting ride so far, and will hopefully get better and better from here. Be sure to remember that every single person who checks this site and reads my comic is super ultra cool,  and every one of you deserves an internet high five and a thank you from me. Without you guys tagging along and reading my story, this would all seem pointless to me. Nothing has made me feel like a super cool webcomic dude than checking the site one day and finding 7 new comments on a page from that morning. Keep on rocking you guys. We’ve come a long way together since page 1.

Like any page, today’s is far from perfect of course. I am very well aware of the flaws, especially since this was my first try at animation and most of the struggles were in wrestling with Flash and getting to know it better. I’m pleased enough with the result but I definitely wish it was better. I made a lot of mistakes and procrastinated a little too much. Since I’m so aware of the obvious flaws, it would be super cool of you guys to chime in on the comments with what things you DID like about it, so I know what to do again next time. Like many SS pages in general, this was super experimental. Meant to try things out, not to be the best product I could produce [which would have been a bunch of regular still comic pages]

Let’s hear that feedback in the comments section yo, I’ll be back to chat it up with you guys about it.


Music – “Mystic Glow” by Me

Visuals by Me