Thank you so, so much for reading Soul Symphony.

I hope you enjoyed Olivia’s journey, from where she was when we met her to now. I hope you enjoyed all the music geeks, the fantasy worlds, and the anxiety monsters. I know I certainly did, and it’s amazing that we got here to the end together. (I’m trying to stay calm and concise here and not ramble on and on emotionally. I’ll do that somewhere else and link you all to it, hahahaha)

On Friday, there will be a final illustration to stay here up on the site, along with announcements about those surprises I’ve been toiling away on.

Here’s a sneak preview of one of the surprises, which will be a 100+ page digital PDF.

And here’s a screenshot of another surprise, which is a little bit different. ┬áIt’s a work-in-progress, so the art assets are not final. I think you’re gonna like it!

So come back here on Friday for announcements about those 2 things! The Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr links to the left are all perfect options for keeping up to date with the surprise projects and my future work. And again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming along on this journey with me.