Party time! Alright…there’s 6 pages left of the comic. Then after that, a few special Soul Symphony-related surprises I’m cooking up.

So what does that mean for us? That means that the next update will be next week, on Friday, May 15th. During that time, I will be finishing finals, moving home, working on those pages, and working on those surprises.

If we’re lucky, this means I won’t have to miss any more updates until the end, which I suppose will land on June 1st. And the surprises will be ready as well!

Definitely keep an eye on my FB, Tumblr, or Twitter, because I always post little updates and doodles on there. Links are all on the left. And I’ll still be using all 3 even after the series is over.

Colors on today’s page are by Kim Marsing, creator of Out of Key!

See you all next week! You don’t want to be late for John’s party, do you?