Sorry to have to do this, but I’m gonna push the next update to Monday, the 22nd. The alternative would be having it go up in the afternoon or evening today and then probably failing to finish the next page on time, so this is just easier.

My tablet issues were resolved but I’m still making up for lost time! Hoping to get back into the groove after the holidays.

Thanks for your patience!

Olivia as the last-chance-defense around the Nexus is a good choice, considering her perfectionism with the clarinet.

Some unfortunate news: As of typing this, my tablet is simply not working. I’ve tried installing new drivers and re-installing with the CD, but no luck. Because of that, there will almost certainly not be a new update on Monday as I try to sort this out. I’m holding out hope for next Friday though.

This is gonna awkwardly bump up against the holiday week where I’ll have the annual Winter Holiday filler page up, so apologies on the story being a little stop-and-go for now. Thanks for your patience!