So if the bass pedal makes them fly and we assume those cymbals are for steering…what might those drums do?

As of today, Soul Symphony has a new colorist! Taking my place is Kim Marsing, the creator of Out of Key!

I love her art and her sense for colors, so I couldn’t be more excited to be collaborating with her. It’s already so fun to see someone else’s take on the colors rather than my own. I hope you enjoy what she has in store for us, especially once sparks start flying and the battles begin!

To clarify: What happens is that I draw all the lineart, then send it to Kim with notes on what’s happening in each panel [in case it's not clear in black and white.] Then, she does all the coloring and shading. She tosses it back to me, I add the speech bubbles and final details, and tada~

This is the most exciting opportunity to push the art of Soul Symphony harder than ever before, and I hope you guys enjoy what we make for you!