Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! If you don’t celebrate any holidays around now, then I hope you had a wonderful 2013.

I cannot thank you guys enough for how far we’ve come this year. I’ve been drawing these characters all together in fillers and sketchbooks and on school notes since 2010, but now they are finally teamed up in the story and I couldn’t be more excited.

Beyond that, yet again I must tell you how much every single comment delights me. I’m so happy to hear what you guys have to say, and to see you react to these pages that I’ve stared at for the hours I’ve spent working on them! Every interaction, whether here, on Tumblr, Twitter, or on the Facebook page means so much.

I’m so grateful for you all, and I’m sure you can imagine that 2014 will be the climactic year for Soul Symphony. I hope you guys enjoy all the things I have in store for you!