[[[Today's page was made in Flash, so if you're using a Mobile device [or anything besides a computer] it may not work for you.]]]

Click on the conversation menu buttons to talk about something. Conversations connected by lines are related, and go in chronological order from TOP to BOTTOM. Other than that, you can read them in whatever order, but Game Plan is supposed to be read last, which is why it does not take you back to the menu. Click the black arrow in the bottom right to advance the conversation, and click the red arrow at the end to return to the menu.

This is something I’ve been planning for a while, so here’s my first shot at it. I got Adobe Flash CS5 for Christmas and this was my very first attempt at making something wth it. I plan on using Flash to make a variety of Soul Symphony-related things, so stay tuned. I’m not sure what you’d consider this, but to myself I’ve been calling it a “cutscene page.”

Being my first attempt at using Flash, it took me hours and there was a lot of learning involved. Because of that, it is unfortunately a little bare bones. However, I have other cutscene pages planned for the future with other characters, and now that I know what I’m doing, they should be easier to make and will hopefully be a little fancier.

Yes I realized after uploading that the page is too tall to actually see the whole thing AND be able to press the black arrow at the same time. Sorry, won’t do that again.

Background drawn by my close friend and frequent commenter, Mike. Very grateful. I’d link to his webcomic but he hasn’t started it yet, just take my word that he’s awesome.

If the page bugs up for whatever reason, tell me about it in the comments below.

Let me know what you think about this experiment, too!