Select Your Character! (if it glitches and speeds through the frames, just refresh it. It should eventually work,  just be careful not to click too fast!)

10/17/2013 EDIT: If you cannot view the page because of the device you’re using [tablet, smartphone, etc.] or because it is not displaying or working properly on Newgrounds, scroll down to the comments below for a summary/transcript of what happens. If you read that, you’ll be completely ready to move on to the next page!

Apparently, today’s page is too large of a file for my server to take as an update here. Thus, this is the best solution I can think of so far. I hope you enjoy it!

Occasionally it bugs out and goes onto the next frame before you click the Next button. This seems to be completely at random, so if it happens, it should hopefully work the next time to select that character’s story from the menu. I tried adding Previous buttons, but that somehow made the Next buttons even more glitchy. Yeah I don’t know a thing about Flash. Sorry!

Tell me what you think, and discuss our heroes’ awkwardly bad day in the comments below!