Turn up your speakers, today’s update includes sound. It can be viewed here.

It was three years ago today that I began Soul Symphony. I cannot thank you all enough for reading, commenting, and coming along with me on this journey. We’ve still got a long way to go, but it’s been so long that the comic has been the consistent rhythm of my life for what seems like forever.

I decided I wanted to take a different look at the story of Soul Symphony and tell it in this children’s book kind of style. The comic ordinarily has a bit of a silly or cynical display of Olivia’s life, but in keeping with the recent flashback, I figured I’d zoom out and look out things with a different tone.

The art is by my friend Juli. I couldn’t have put this together without her. She’s drawn fanart that you may have already seen here and here.

The song used is Dream of Two Souls by Piano Scientist. You can find more of his music on the Extras page or on his Youtube channel.

The narration and editing of the video was done by me.

I hope you guys enjoy this special update. We’ll be back to regular ol’ pages on Monday. Thank you so much for reading!