Olivia Myers

Age: 16

Main Instrument[s]: Clarinet, Piano

Other Instrument[s]: Bass Clarinet

Olivia Myers is a bitter and anti-social girl. She views most other kids to be selfish and their problems as insignificant. With a large ego and rotten personality the only things she has going for her are her straight A’s and her unnatural skill at music.


Age: ???

Instrument[s]: None

Carljungan (“Carl”, for short) is a whimsical spirit who came to the real world to tell Olivia to help her classmates. He enjoys making sarcastic wise-cracks at Olivia and mocking her arrogant attitude. He can only be seen or heard by Olivia. He’s just an illusion in the real world, but has a physical body when in the Soul World.

John Deribell

Age: 16

Instrument[s]: Trombone, Bass Guitar

John Deribell is a very popular and sociable guy. He has many friends and juggles many different things at once. He’s the star of the basketball team, but doesn’t do very well with grades or music. Deep down he’s a good, kind person.

Charlie Briggs

Age: 17

Instrument[s]: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar

Charlie Briggs is a guy who livesĀ  by his own rules. Although he speaks bluntly, his opinions are usually well-thought out and reasoned. Although he takes no music classes, he is very talented musically and dreams to start a band. He is a close friend, and music mentor, of John.

Eric Sakai

Age 16

Main Instrument[s]: Violin, Viola, Piano

Other Instrument[s]: Cello, Double Bass

Eric Sakai is a well-known, skilled musician. He’s known to be the top student in orchestra, but is very polite and approachable. As a child he did not want to pursue music, but was forced to by his family because of tradition. Now that he has accepted his fate and learned to love music, he is an even more skilled musician than Olivia.

Ashley Gossow

Age: 16

Instrument[s]: Drum set, all classical percussion instruments

Ashley Gossow is an incredibly talented drummer. With an interest in rock and metal, she hopes to one day drum in the school’s Battle of the Bands. Instead, she’s more appreciated as the gifted savior of the band class’s percussion section. Bored with orchestral music and conflicted by romance, she tends to let out a dark side of herself. She appreciates her friends, but regrets how she treats them.

Mr. Dalton

Age: 31

Instrument[s]: Too many to list

Andrew Dalton is an often-nervous high school band teacher who is down on his luck. It’s his first year teaching and most of the kids don’t like him. He has the misfortune of always being compared to the school’s other band teacher, the sociable and popular Ms. Pine. Despite this, he is Olivia’s favorite teacher.